Open Letter to Billström: A Move to Sweden

Recently there have been many controversial remarks by Swedish politicians concerning racism, discrimination and intolerance to non-Swedish identities. Lastly in an interview to Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s  Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy Ministry of Justice Tobias Billström said “Sometimes we have this image that people in hiding live with a nice Swedish lady in her fifties or sixties who wants to help, but that’s not how it is. Most of them live with their countrymen who aren’t at all blonde and blue-eyed.”

As a group of blond people from Turkey, we wish to address to the minister’s liking and be considered for patriation in Sweden through our open letter.

Kära Tobias Billström
Vi är en grupp blonda Turkar som har bott i Sverige ett tag och studerat på Uppsala Universitet, och lärt oss svenska under tiden vi varit här. Som blonda Turkar skulle vi vilja bidra till att Sveriges invandrarbefolkning ska bli ljusare, eftersom vi har hört att detta är en viktig egenskap. Skulle ni kunna hjälpa oss med att bevilja oss svenskt medborgarskap för detta?

Med vänliga hälsningar,
de blonda Turkarna

To send the letter to the minister:

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