What Do Gezi Parkı Protesters Want?

“Our peaceful resistance has shown that the government’s plans of inciting fear among masses through authoritarian tendencies, oppression, violence, brutality, by force and by turning the whole country into a prison have failed.As we have said in the squares, “this is yet the beginning, resistance continues.”

Here are our immediate demands:

-Gezi Parki will remain a park. Neither Topcu Kislasi in Taksim, nor any other constructions in life-zones and whole nature will be allowed.

-Starting with Istanbul Governor, Chief of Police, all those responsible officials that have given orders / and those that carried out those orders for suppression of democratic rights through brutality, by limiting rights and wounding hundreds must resign from their posts immediately. It must be forbidden to use Gas Bombs.

-All our friends across the country that have shown support for resistance and got arrested for it must be released immediately and no further investigation (accusation) shall be carried out on them.

-All prohibitions on civil protests in all squares and public spaces of Turkey must be put an end to.

This voice is not the requests of the people, the resistance, the street from the government; these are the essential requirements.

We have united in the stret, seen our power, you have seen as well our power. We know, we shall prevail in streets.

/Taksim Solidarity”

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