Demands of the Turkish Police Union from PM Erdogan

Calling for all police officers to stay in compliance with the constitution when interfering in any kind of protest (the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech), Union of Security has been calling policemen to not carry out orders that are against the constitutional rights. The Union being un-recognized confuses the situation.

1)      The barriers in front of Union of Security, established on 12 November 2012, shall be lifted, the policemen who were extruded for being union members should re-assume their duties, all investigations upon them shall be dropped.

2)      All the 3600 Additional Investigators that PM had promised in 2007, shall be given as police has been demanding for decades.

3)      As was promised in 2007, remembering that policemen are also state officers and shall not work for more than 40 hours a week.

4)      As was promised in 2007, if police has to work overtime, they shall get compensations in terms of payment or extra vacation time for the time they covered working.

5)      As was promised in 2007, in official entities such as Police Ceremony Regulations, Security Discipline Regulations, Security Organizations Law there should be made appropriate reforms to bring police forces’ standards in compliance with European Standards.

/Union of Security

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