No Room for Single Room Apartments

An unusual ban has been issued in Pendik district of Istanbul by the local municipality of AKP. The party, known for its conservative agenda, had given the indicators that there would be a legal regulation concerning the construction plans, in terms of life style. The most recent ban has been issued against single room apartments, popular among single people.

The Mayor of Pendik, Kenan Sahin had stated in May 2013 “single room apartments are not compatible with family life and general culture, they weaken neighborhood relations. This kinds of apartments shape our life styles differently, so they should not be constructed.” As this was already a sign that a regulation concerning the single room apartments were to be made, today it was declared that there is now a technical barrier against construction of apartments smaller than 70 square meters, thus raising the lowest price of housing market higher, and indirectly also rents.

In recent years, due to economical gains, more people had been moving out of shared homes into single room apartments across country and opponents of this trend felt that this was against their general perception of morality. However, many people including the opposition parties reflected on the ban as intervention to private life.

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