Gezi Protester Died in Coma after Attacked by Anti-Protest Mob

Excessive use of force by police was already unbearable for peaceful protesters of Gezi Park, and the addition of AKP-leaning mobs, armed with clubs, knives, machetes, pistols seem like a paramilitary force of the party is terrorizing the streets. Another young man has fallen in this rape of civil life; Ali Ismail Korkmaz was only 19 years old, a was to be student of Eskisehir Anadolu University.

His father gave an interview and described his son as quiet and political. Ali had never been to a political rally before, saw the group cheering and shouting, wondered and he joined them, and notified his father of his attendance so that he does not worry. When police intervention began on the peaceful protest, he got hit on his head with a baton and then started running away from beating and teargas; that’s what his friends told to his father.

He ran away from riot police while they were shooting gas canisters aiming at him, and ran into a side street. The street Ali took refuge at was filled with angry mobs that some people consider to be undercover policemen, who were acting parallel to riot police, and beating people in shadows. Ali got beaten wildly, then was left to his destiny. Exhausted as he was, he crawled to a bus stop to go back home when he could. When reaching to the bus stop, he came across another group of thugs and got beaten once more, till unconscious.

When his friends found him by chance, they took him to a hospital where he was denied entrance as the hospital lacked sufficient equipment to detect his condition thus he was sent to another hospital where he was denied treatment without a first checking in with police headquarters, giving his statement about protests and why he was beaten and only after police orders him to go to hospital they would treat him.

It took him 20 hours to be accepted by the hospital, and only after he had cerebral hemorrhage and had to be taken to intensive care unit. His father says he was unable to look at his son, due to the horrible condition he was in.

Between the night of June 2 and today, Ali has suffered much pain, and so did millions of people wishing to see him back in life again. He could not make it. Another life had to fade due to violence.

When Ali’s father demanded responsible people to be found, he found out that the video footage was deformed and was useless. The hotel manager stated that he had checked the video himself, and it was working. The police department had got the video footage from a hotel nearby, kept the record for a few days for security reasons and then declared a report stating that the video had been broken. Thus police could not start a proper investigation and the case could not refer to an anonymous person as guilty.

Having seen no initiative from the police department or any attempt by the governor to calm the family down, Ali’s father is preparing to file a complaint to all sorts of court for justice, including the European Court of Human Rights.

Now Ali’s father summarizes the situation, “police gassed, mobs beat, hospital refused, doctors ignored, video footage erased, investigation halted, my son dead.”

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