European Roma & Travellers Forum, ENAR and ERGO united against escalation of violence against Roma

Following a decade of dramatic escalation of aggressions and intimidation targeting Roma throughout Europe the European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF), the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and the ERGO network, today have issued a “Call for Immediate (RE)Action – Stop the escalation of violence against the Roma”.

This urgent call for help is addressed to all European states and to all international organisations whose mission is to ensure peaceful co-existence and to safeguard human rights.

ERTF, ENAR and ERGO have urged the Council of Europe, the European Commission and OSCE/ODIHR to:

Recognise anti-Gypsyism as a specific form of racism and reinforce existing efforts to design awareness-raising campaigns to debunk myths and prejudice about the Roma;

Recognise the past abuse against the Roma. We encourage the establishment of Europe-wide truth commissions to address the much ignored Roma genocide, as well as the declaration of a European remembrance day for Roma genocide victims;

Promote a positive political discourse on the Roma;

Scale up efforts to work with European states to ensure proper investigation, prosecution, penalty and monitoring of acts of violence against the Roma. As the situation seems to deteriorate, we suggest convening a high-level meeting to decide on a common strategy for effective measures to ensure security of Roma in Europe;

Ensure compliance with the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled that authorities may dissolve an association involved in anti-Roma vigilante marches exercising repeated intimidation on the Roma minority;

Work towards a European framework for the collection of reliable and comparable disaggregated data on hate crime against the Roma;

Take the lead in ensuring that States provide emotional, financial and legal support to Roma victims of crime before, during and after criminal proceedings.

Read original statement in pdf format

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