Turkish National Broadcaster TRT to Criminalize Opinions and Thoughts

Turkish National Television and Radio (TRT) Directorate has been carrying out an investigation regarding the Gezi Park protests and there has been rumors that TRT started a hunt to track down whoever supported Gezi Park protests and investigate on the issue. Regarding the investigation, the Higher Disciplinary Society has made a press statement:

15 of our employees have committed crimes under the excuse of freedom of expression and thus are under investigation. The personnel under investigation have used insulting, provocative and violent remarks on social media. We should question our reasons for investigation if any other broadcaster would be able to broadcast whatever is published on social media on their channels.

Public workers have legal responsibilities. They can not insult, provoke or be violent through broadcasting. It is contradictory to want to be a public worker and to ask for limitless irresponsibility. Those who are paid by the ethnic-nation’s tax money, have extra responsibility to respect public rules. We respect all opinions yet it is our public obligation to take necessary precautions for actions which may pressure the legal boundaries.

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One Response to Turkish National Broadcaster TRT to Criminalize Opinions and Thoughts

  1. Galaxian says:

    I don’t know much about Turkey’s history, as incarnated in either the Ottoman or modern state. Most Americans won’t, because the U.S. has never been defeated seriously enough for its government to become uncertain regarding its unconditional hold on power. It may be for reasons along these lines that democratic freedom of speech is taken for granted here, but not in many other parts of the world.

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