Turkish Liberals Raided by Police for “Fear Not!” Banner

The Liberal youth organization “3H Movement” (Hukuk Hürriyet Hoşgörü / Law Liberty Tolerance) as part of the commemoration for Gezi Park protests, had decided to run an action and campaign regarding civil rights. The movement members prepared a web page titled “korkmayın” (fear not), and released it on the web. They printed stickers and tagged walls, light poles, empty spaces open for such propaganda. Moreover, they prepared a banner on which it gave the same message, “Fear Not!”.

The group members went up to Liberal Democratic Party’s building, hanged the banner and shortly after police raided this building and took down the banner, detained members of the movement, confiscated their phones, deleted data from the phone memory thus erasing the photos. Vice-Chairperson of LDP, Kürşat Çetinkoz acknowledged press saying “this is an unlawful execution of police duty, the rights to use this building belong to us and this action is carried out with our permission on our private property.”

The banner was hanged on a building overlooking the world-famous Gezi Park, right next to Taksim Square. LDP vice-chairperson further said that they will take this issue to court and seek their rights against this unlawful raid to a political party. Çetinkoz stated “3H Movement members applied to us during last week, telling us of their intentions. We have discussed this among ourselves and approved of the action.”

The two 3H movement members detained are Tarık Beyhan and Zubeyr Kavık were taken to Beyoğlu district police station where they were kept waiting for their statements to be taken, and later were released. However, the confiscated property of other 3H movement members were returned without the data that they contained. The campaign aims to inform people of their civil rights and advices them to not be afraid of any oppressive behaviour as long as they know of their rights. The campaign can also be interpreted as a brave and creative criticism of Turkey’s violent methods of suppressing any critical voice in the country for over a year.

to watch the video of intervention, please click…


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