Operation “Peace” in Istanbul brings 14.500 police to streets

Istanbul Metropolitan Police Chief Selami Altınok declared the Operation Peace which includes 14.500 policemen from anti-terrorism squads, smuggling and organized crime combat troops, security forces, traffic police, narcotic desk. The operation encompassed 39 districts and counties in Istanbul and took place over the weekend.

Helicopters accompanied the police troops that carried out raids, random ID checks, traffic check point controls, alcohol controls and lasted throughout the night on Saturday.

The chief of police Altınok declared that initially he can name 40 wanted people who have been detained but more detailed numbers to be available soon.

The citizens on the streets of Istanbul get subjected to random ID controls by police forces more than often and such massive operations with participation of thousands of policemen add up on the discomfort level. Where these operations or random controls are carried out at the arbitrary pleasure of those in charge, it turns into a machinery of intimidation and harassment.



About the Radical Democrat

Executive Manager at citizen journalism news agency dokuz8NEWS; Turkey-Europe Foundation Board Member. International Federation of Journalists registered journalist.
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