Policeman in Turkey gets fined for Facebook status update


A policeman in Turkey received fine, or better put it as deduction from his wage and 6 months blocking of getting promoted. The reason for all this is a simple status update on the policeman’s personal Facebook account. Bilecik police headquarters office had started an investigation about the policeman last February for indulging in syndicate activities.

The status update in question is as follows:

“If you cease to support or completely give up a cause just because of internal fighting, goodbye to you then. History will not forgive those who give up struggling for personal gains…”


The Security General Directorate in Turkey started an investigation about the policeman as well and asked for deduction of 4 days of wage from his monthly salary and stopping his promotion right for the next six months. However controversial the status update’s “criminal” theme might be, the way “evidence” was gathered is more questionable than the trial of freedom of speech in this case.

The policeman in question is not referred to with his real name but only with initials of I.S. and serves for the city of Bilecik.


via (TKNLJ)


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