Schloss Wartin or How to #FixEurope with European Alternatives

Activists and intellectual young people from across Europe from all directions gathered in the heart of Europe, at a centuries old castle near Berlin, at Schloss Wartin. European Alternatives that has organized the meeting has set up the agenda to discuss problems that Europe faces and find possible “solutions” that might bring about a better future for all of us. We have shared, we have learned, we have explored and most importantly elaborated all kinds of matters that Europe is facing today.

Dozens of people gathering around a table of vegetarian grill raised their glasses for a better future in the hopes of a more complete Europe. People seem eager to discuss matters that they think are vital for the future of the continent, and suddenly it became all of a sudden much easier to solve any problem the old continent might have. Once the path to discussion and dialogue is opened, rational people would be able to find a way to come over whatever is bothering the whole area, and be able to give an answer to those who claim that there would never be any answer.

When participants were asked to simply note down the things they think needs fixing in Europe, the list just went on and on. The list was getting almost as long as the history of the castle. This is not to discourage any Europhile in fact. It is a mere opportunity to see what happens when there is a very unilateral understanding of integration and European unification plan.

Our delightful host’s food is served in the main hall, impatiently waiting while enjoying the tunes of the piano, one would wonder how many new ideas are popping up in everyone’s head at that moment. Every single minute is inspirational, among all the creative and impressive people in a calm and quiet atmosphere in the lack of internet connection. Ideas actually get jotted down and new ones spread around on tables, faster than the circulation of food I must say.

Issues that swept from attention get brought up to agenda, and the things that people did not maybe pay enough attention to previously. This time we can spare all the time in the world for a few days, as there is no wifi zone to bring us the distractive “unread 666 messages”. Glasses and bottles cling, new ideas keep popping up right in the middle of sounds of nature. Peace and tranquility surround the activists, giving them the much-needed peace. In the darkness and cold of the night, old project get talked of, bringing about new project proposals already.

Premiere of the Transeuropa Caravan took place at the castle with the participation of all the activists in the campus. No need to add that it was inspirational as all other events; revealing certain local problems that parts of Europe experience and most other parts would not even hear if it was not for such initiatives to bring Europe closer to all citizens.

We gathered in Berlin with one big aim, to target and tackle problems of Europe in general. We left the Schloss Wartin with thousands of new ideas and a lot of inspiration and motivation to get to work. The ending of the campus was a joyful ride back to Berlin city center, where we had the chance to attend a conference at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, which opened with a keynote speech by Saskia Sassen. She talked about all the crisis moments that we can see very clearly all around, especially the housing bubble and gentrification tactics in most major cities. Sustainability has become one of the primary topics for us all.

After all the talks and discussions, we the activist of European Alternatives at #FixEurope campus meeting, can agree to the slogans of the streets “this is yet the beginning…”

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