“Çarşı” the Ultras to Hold Protest Rally in Cologne


Gezi Park was raided by the police and most people were losing hope when Çarşı started a call for solidarity and asked for 100 gas masks to take back the park. Raising hopes in doing so, the ultras have emerged to win people’s hearts by helping take back the park and be at the forefronts of the OccupyGezi Resistance. In the aftermath of taking the park, Çarşı activists had taken charge of a work-machine and chased the police’s water cannons the TOMAs with it. Çarşı was originally founded in 1980s as a reaction to by then military dictatorship that was ruling Turkey; they are the ultras, supporters of Beşiktaş that have been carrying out social responsibility actions and stood against many injustices over the decades.

As a prosecutor accepted the file accusing Çarşı of plotting a coup d’etat against the government by joining OccupyGezi Movement, leaders and main figures of the ultras had been detained and taken to court. On December 14th, Çarşı groups across Europe will be gathering in Cologne to protest against this unlawful trial their fellow ultras are facing in Turkey. Çarşı Berlin announced that there will be a protest rally to call for justice for the Çarşı supporters.

Çarşı Duisburg will officially organize the protest and they have published this release to call for support and solidarity:




“This supporters group in Turkey is being accused to a coup d’etat. If court proceeds, the ultras will receive life sentence. We the people who have loved Çarşı, would like to draw attention to the absurdity that the government in Turkey is forcing on any opposition, and we want to show that we stand with our friends. We renounce the lawsuit opened against our friends and we find the accusation of a coup absurd. Such a charge is comical and funny at the level of frivolity. Beşiktaş is the people’s team, and of course will deal with people’s problems. The scarves thrown for the children who were left homeless after Van earthquake in 2011, the campaigns to donate blood for the leucemia patients, the shelters we have built for stray animals on streets, the funds and aid we have collected as relief for the children in rural areas, if all these were a coup d’etat, then we are all guilty of this coup.”


On December 14, Çarşı supporters from various European cities will be at Hans-Böckler-Platz/BF West Sq., Cologne.



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