Gürkan Özturan obtained his BA from Bosphorus University, in Western Languages and Literatures as well as completing American Studies Programme in 2009, during which he also made sculptures and participated in several international arts fairs. He took a year to research and study at Uppsala University of Sweden, on ethnology, anthropology and cultural studies. He completed his first MA at Le Centre International de Formation Européenne where he specialised on the Rise of Radical Right in European Politics in 2010, followed by a second MA at Istanbul Bilgi University, at the Faculty of European Union.

He worked as the editor of Digital Age magazine in Turkey and wrote articles on digital culture with a specific focus on new market variables, digital marketing, digital economy, digital politics and “the new web’s effects” on society and politics. He has published one book on “Rise of Radical Right in the Balkans during Europeanization Process: Comparative Cases of Greek LAOS and Bulgarian ATAKA Parties

He has served as board member for various anti-racism and human rights NGOs and social movements, currently still a board member for Turkey-European Foundation. He is currently working as a journalist and coordinator for dokuz8 News Network, a grassroots independent journalism initiative in Turkey, based on rights-based journalism. He is also the founding coordinator of Today Talks discussion group at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul; and was the founder of Internet Governance Forum Turkey which has been organising Youth-IGF meetings in Istanbul since 2015.

He works as a writer, editor, translator, moderator, occasionally contributing to international and national publications as well as giving talks on creative activism and social movements. Currently he is the coordinator and international editor of grassroots citizen journalism network agency dokuz8NEWS in Istanbul.

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Short Bio:

Gürkan Özturan was trained in the field of European Studies as a researcher on radicalization during his two masters degrees at Centre International de Formation Europeenne and Istanbul Bilgi University. Özturan now works as a journalist and executive manager at dokuz8NEWS and from time to time appears on international media as commentator on Turkey. Previously he contributed to several publications in Turkey and Europe, writing on digital rights & liberties, commenting on populist movements and increasing radicalization. He has served as board member for various anti-racism and human rights NGOs and social movements, currently he is a board member for Turkey-European Foundation and Media Research Association. Özturan is a registered member of Journalists Union of Turkey and International Federation of Journalists.