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Jerusalem Rally got intervened in Istanbul

Jerusalem Rally that had been announced by youth groups in Istanbul was intervened by police and dozens were detained. Youth groups read out a press statement defying US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. (Original on dokuz8NEWS) … Continue reading

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Demands for Secular Education under Violent Attack in Istanbul

An angry mob attacked activists and parents who demanded secular education, during a protest against new educational curriculum provisioning more religious education in Turkey. Education Movement had called for a protest against educational curriculum changes, starting at 5 pm in … Continue reading

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Turkish Minister Kaya deported from the Netherlands: Ankara-Amsterdam crisis in a nutshell

Turkish Minister of Family and Social Affairs, Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya has been declared persona-non grata in the Netherlands following a row of diplomatic tension between the two countries when Turkish government insisted on campaigning abroad on the week of … Continue reading

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‘Women’s Decree Resistance’ in Istanbul’s Kadıköy on 30th Day

One of the 121 thousand people who have so far been expelled with a decree ruling in the aftermath of the July 15th coup attempt in Turkey is Betül Celep who has started her personal resistance against decrees. Her resistance … Continue reading

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Rainbow Colors Not Allowed in Istanbul Pride

The organized LGBTI movement in Turkey has been growing and gaining more recognition as a progressive force. Accordingly, its activities faced more repression. (original: Katoikos) Istanbul Pride does not have a very long history, yet it has recently become increasingly significant. … Continue reading

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May Day Battle in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul has been turned into a battlefield by the AK Party government once again on the May Day protests. An unnamed curfew has been declared; Prime Minister Davutoğlu stated “there is no prohibition of the May Day, … Continue reading

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Firearms, Teargas, Trained Dogs against Prisoners in Turkey

Turkish parliament has been rocked by the infamous national security bill over the past few weeks. Government has tried all methods to pass the bills disregarding the constitution and international agreements Turkey is a signatory to. The new bill has … Continue reading

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“To Pee or Not To Pee” or How Divert Attention from Turkey’s Police State Bill

On the first days of Gezi Park protests, when government agents were terrified of a massive uprising, they made up several scenarios to instigate violence among pro-government fanatics, in the hopes of suppressing the protests. The police had failed to … Continue reading

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Identical Headlines in Turkish Papers to Defend Fabricated News of Kabataş

On March 5th, Turkish readers have witnessed a new low in press freedom and media pluralism in the country. Even though Turkey has been scoring terrible at international press freedom ratings and there have been several notorious cases when bad … Continue reading

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Reduced Prison Sentence for Murderers of Teenager during #OccupyGezi

Ali İsmail Korkmaz, a lively teenager at the age of 19. A university student. Socially aware and responsible young person. He was beaten to death during Turkey’s Occupy Gezi protests in Eskişehir by a team of policemen, shopkeepers and pro-government … Continue reading

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