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02:00 am – Midnight Raids Rock Turkish Police Force

A not-so-secretive home-raiding operation was unleashed just days after the Gulenist movement’s newspapers started revealing statistics of the AKP government’s increasing trade with the Israeli government despite the anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli rhetoric that is prevalent in the AKP party. The operation … Continue reading

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Full Ban on Social Media: Turkey reaches out for gold in Censor’olympics

Recently in an article, Gigi Alford wrote “Russia goes for gold in internet regulation,” and I was going to suggest that Turkey is a close runner-up. However Erdoğan made a comment that raised the hopes of “censorists” in Turkey for … Continue reading

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Turkish Way of Avoiding Censorship

Prime Minister Erdoğan, in his weekly address to his group in Parliament, defended the bills expanding censorship and surveillance by referring to the recently released tapes of phone conversations that revealed corruption at extreme levels. The scandalous phone conversation between … Continue reading

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Understanding Corruption and Scandal in Turkish

Corruption in Turkey is a strange matter. The understanding of a corrupt person is very much limited to the person’s stand and rhetoric. When one manages to shout loud enough and keep repeating himself so that masses cheer him, he … Continue reading

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