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OSCE Report on Turkey’s Referendum: Unfair Atmosphere

ANKARA, 17 April 2017 – The 16 April constitutional referendum in Turkey was contested on an unlevel playing field, and the two sides in the campaign did not have equal opportunities, the international observers concluded in a statement released today. … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s ‘Subliminal Anti-Erdoğan Film’ Detected by TRT

Turkish state-owned TRT has aired a commentary show regarding the agenda and the subject of the day was a Hollywood film named ‘Spectral’ where the depicted evil character is allegedly based on the physical appearance of Turkish President Erdoğan. (Original … Continue reading

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Assailants of Turkish Journalist Change Statements, 3 of 4 Get Freed

A prominent Turkish anchorman of the critical news network CNNTurk and columnist for critical daily newspaper Hurriyet, Ahmet Hakan had been subjected to a brutal attack by four men recently. The assailants had then quickly been caught and taken to … Continue reading

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Psychological Diagnosis of Erdoğan Brings up Court Case

Mustafa Altıoklar, a famous movie director in Turkey who also happens to be a psychologist, was the guest of a TV program where he was asked to answer questions about his political views. The TV program which hosted many well-known … Continue reading

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Journalist Stabbed to Death in Istanbul Because of a Snowball!

Journalist Nuh Koklu had been playing snow fight with his friends on the evening of February 18 in Istanbul’s Kadıköy district when he was going back home from Homeland Security Bill sit-in that ended earlier at Kadıköy’s ‘Bull Square’. The … Continue reading

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New Standard in Turkey: Presidential Decree & President’s Shadow Cabinet

With the constitution written during military rule in Turkey in 1982, the president of the republic -by then top general- was awarded the trust to declare Presidential Decrees to run duties such as secretarial institutionalization, organization, governance, working principles, appointment … Continue reading

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Çevrimdışı Cumhurbaşkanı

(Orjinali AGOS’ta)   Cumhurbaşkanı adayları vaatlerini “yeni yaşam çağrısı”, “vizyon belgesi” ve “seçim bildirgesi” isimleri ile yayınladı ve gördük ki, kim seçilirse seçilsin bizi “offline” bir cumhurbaşkanı bekliyor. Söylemlerden ve vaatlerden anladığımız bu; üç aday için de, İnternet özgürlüklerinin ve … Continue reading

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Gezi Anniversary Faced With Heavy Crackdown: Police Rule in Istanbul

Gezi Anniversary Faced With Heavy Crackdown: Police Rule in Istanbul Continue reading

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Erdoğan: “Even if the world might stand up against us, we will BAN!”

Erdoğan held his long-awaited Istanbul rally on Sunday, for which about a million people were bussed from other cities and districts of Istanbul. It was notable to see how public transport buses were used in organizing an AKP rally and … Continue reading

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Turkey bans Twitter; other platforms next?

Erdogan threatened to “eradicate Twitter and the kind from its roots and end this breach of privacy and defamation” just hours before twitter was banned in Turkey. An urgent court decision has been passed within the framework of several laws, … Continue reading

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