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OSCE Report on Turkey’s Referendum: Unfair Atmosphere

ANKARA, 17 April 2017 – The 16 April constitutional referendum in Turkey was contested on an unlevel playing field, and the two sides in the campaign did not have equal opportunities, the international observers concluded in a statement released today. … Continue reading

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“Tolaz the Parrot” Locked Up: State of Media in Turkey

Academia and media in Turkey have been devastated by two gruesome decree rulings that stripped academics of their work and shut down over a dozen media organisations. The purge continues with full speed, and an unfortunate victim of imprisonment has … Continue reading

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The Traitors’ Cemetery: Burial place of Turkish coup plotters

Turkey has opened its first Traitors’ Cemetery in the aftermath of the July 15th coup attempt and Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor announced that the first burial has taken place. (Original on Katoikos)   “There is a place needed, to be called … Continue reading

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Assailants of Turkish Journalist Change Statements, 3 of 4 Get Freed

A prominent Turkish anchorman of the critical news network CNNTurk and columnist for critical daily newspaper Hurriyet, Ahmet Hakan had been subjected to a brutal attack by four men recently. The assailants had then quickly been caught and taken to … Continue reading

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New Social Media Rules & Restrictions for Turkish Students

Turkish educational system suffers yet another blow; after last year’s signaling of a life style indoctrination by President Erdoğan, this year new rules and regulations update seems to target the students’ future experiences and uses of free speech and questioning … Continue reading

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Freedom of expression charities urge UK Foreign Secretary to speak out on Turkey’s arrest of journalists

(1 September 2015) Freedom of expression charities have written to UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond urging the UK to speak out publicly in defence of freedom of expression following the arrest of two British journalists in Turkey under terror legislation. The … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Digital Crackdown on Media, Censors Hundreds of News Sites

Turkey recently started a new digital crackdown on critical and independent media. However, Turkish government has been involved in ‘online security’ policies as far back as 2007 with the law numbered 5651, Law Regulating Digital Publications which has very quickly … Continue reading

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2.899 Libraries Closed Down in Turkey in 2014

Turkish Statistics Institute has declared numbers on reading materials and libraries for the year 2014, and the numbers do not look bright. According to the statistics, 2.899 in Turkey have been closed down in the year 2014 and number of … Continue reading

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Turkish Culture & Arts People Terrified Under Erdoğan’s Shadow

Turkish culture and arts scene has been polarized due to political reasons lately in Turkey. While some actors, singers, musicians, TV personalities have attended the receptions held by President Erdoğan, and then received job offers, some other artists have been … Continue reading

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Cumhuriyet Daily Threatened, Raided by Police for Reprinting Charlie Hebdo Issue in Turkey

In Turkey, media response to Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris has had two sides as in many other places. The polarization has been stretching between those that celebrated the attack and those that stood in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo’s press … Continue reading

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